Kartra Integration with VSS 2.0 - How to

  1. Go to Kartra using this link
  2. Enter your credentials. If you don’t have an account, click on Not a member.


3. Once you’ve logged in, click on “My Integrations” which is at the left part of the screen.


4. Hover the mouse over the “API” option (1) and click on “My Apps” (2)


5. In the next screen at the bottom right side of the screen, you’ll see a green square that says “+ Add an App”, click on it.



6. In the “APP NAME” field, input “virtual summits software” for both.


7. Click in Create.

8. A new window will pop up.



9. Copy & Save the App ID (red rectangle) that has now been created.

10. It will say it’s in test mode.  This is fine.

11. Go to “My API”



12. Copy & Save your API Key & Your API Password.



13. Go to the VSS 2.0 using this link:

14. Log in.

15. Go to Integrations & click on the “Add” button within Kartra.


16. Go to the Email provider section and select Kartra.

17. Paste in the appropriate fields as it follows:

  • You Kartra API Key
  • The newly created kartra App ID
  • Your Kartra API Password
  • NOTE: Leave the API URL as is. This is the generic kartra url: https://app.kartra.com/api
    Leave that as is.


18. Click Save.

19. Go To Kartra -> Integrations -> My Apps

20. Turn the Virtual Summits Software App from Testing To LIVE.




21. The system will then ask you to confirm the app is ready.

22. Select:  Yes, I confirm that my App is ready for review!




23. Fill out the following information by copying and pasting:

  • App URL is:  https://virtualsummits.com/
  • Describe Your App:
    • A platform for hosting virtual summits, that allows people to attend a multi day virtual pre-recorded event.
  • How does the app generate leads?
    • The attendee signs up for the summit by putting in their name and email into the opt in form on the summit landing page in order for them to participate in the virtual summit.
  • Send Us a Test Account:
    • Use this link: virtual-neurology-summit.app.virtualsummits.com



24. Kartra will review the app for approximately 24 hours, and then turn it to approved.

25. Congratulations! You have now successfully integrated Kartra into your Virtual Summit.


Note: You will now be able to select the email list you would like Virtual Summits Software to send your new attendees to.  This will allow you to have attendees in specific lists to follow up with specific email communication sequences, include them into memberships, or provide access to other deliverables inside of Kartra.


If you encounter any issues, please email us at: support@virtualsummits.com



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