Most common mistakes when using Virtual Summits Software


" There is something wrong with my summit !! " 

Before hitting support with a cry for HELP check out those simple but common mistakes when using our software and see if your answer isn't in there ;).



  •  This publish button underneath the left menu  is where you go to publish your summit. Pressing that button is not going to publish your summit. 

To publish it you need to press the main publish button on the center of the page and you can always unpublish it later. The only thing that changes when you hit publish is you can't change your summit start date after its been published; everything else is editable. 


  • If you want your summit to be in the marketplace You have to activate it manually. It’s not done automatically by default. After you publish it under overview you can select it.



  • If you turn your summit from a free event to a paid event, that means your summit is no longer free to be attended, which means they have to pay to get access to it and watch the sessions. It does not mean you are not going to collect revenue on your summit or you won't be able to sell anything on it,which you can and should.



  • This is your summit portal color scheme. So if I have a dark font and a dark image you can't really see it very well,so you need to make sure you use a dark background with light font and the other way around. You can also change the opacity (which is the bottom line there) of your cover image making it a bit darker/lighter so the text stands out.


  • Another small mistake that happens is summit hosts don't put in the categories or the summit type categories are important because that's how attendees can search for your summit, the type of summit is there. 


  • An issue that there are with aol and like Yahoo and Hotmail email providers is that those email providers a lot of times block personal emails as senders. so it needs to be  a business email versus a personal email.

  • Just in time,this is a post summit feature ,it should not be on when the summit is live so just leave this off until after your summit ends.Then you can turn it on. 


  • Under speaker- presentation this is where you're going to put your speaker's free gift, their lead magnet is gonna go right here and it's gonna be attached to that presentation so that it shows up in their speaker page inside of their schedule. This is different from a bonus.

  • The bonus that people are purchasing are gonna be assigned here under summit offers. And then those are gonna be placed inside of a tier.



  • Common mistake here is activating GDPR settings when you don't need to. So unless it’s mandatory don’t turn it on because it makes it even more difficult for people to opt into your summit.

  • Those templates are just notifications or reminders sent from the software. these are not your daily emails/communications that you'll be sending from your CRM, they are only additional notifications to support your summit. You can edit those but  make sure you do not edit the merger codes,otherwise they wont work. 



  • Common mistake is doing order by time. We do not recommend doing that. if I do order by time, what that does is it means each session is gonna be available for only that specific time and it can mess up the whole schedule.



  • Another common mistake summit hosts make is not setting their email list to the tier they want their attendees to be added to. Make sure you set your email list to each tier. 


  • In the page builder, some of the common mistakes are the buttons. So if this is your registration page, you got a button here that should be set to registration modal, for people to opt in to your summit. and this will automatically pop up a registration form. There is no need to add a registration form there. 


  • When you are setting up your sales page buttons, you want to ensure that all buttons are linking to something inside of the virtual summit software. Do not send your sales page buttons to a link outside of the virtual summit software. If you do that it's going to break the software code and it won’t work properly you won’t be able to track your attendees and they won’t have access to the items they need etc.You need to set those buttons to your summit tiers.


  • If you're gonna be sending your attendees to the sales page, you want to give them  a way to go directly to the summit If they don't wanna buy anything at that moment. You can have a link saying something like go to the summit and have it link to a page and insert the members area



  • If an attendee say they opted in for your summit, but can't access, or the summit is not showing up instead of sending them to the registration page again you can manually add them in the attendee’s section. 


  • You can import your attendees list to a summit but there's a set format that it has to be otherwise it won’t work.

It has to be a CSV file and the Required header format needs to be: first_name, last_name, email, tier_level_id




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