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 All of your summit components in VSS2.0 are to be found on the sidebar menu on the left side of the page. 





  • That's where you will add your summit details, host information as well as enable the post summit features and add your OWN domain ( the link to your summit). 



This is only to be set when the summit ends.



  • You can pick a specific date that you want the ever-summit to begin.
  • We also have a  feature called the “Just In Time” Feature which sets the summit to be starting “right now” (aka you are just in time). This is a great option for getting attendees to register when they are most excited, and jumping straight into the summit versus waiting for a specific time period. 

  • Domain

You can now integrate your own domain into your Virtual Summit.



  • Speakers: 

This is where you will add all your speaker’s information and their presentations. You can also set reminders to go to the speakers who have not completed their profile yet. 


  • We also have 2 brand new features: The speaker match maker and speaker application where hosts can quickly request top notch speakers to participate in their virtual summits, while also allowing speakers to search out, find & apply to speak for upcoming summits.


Email Templates 


Virtual Summits Software has auto generated reminders and notifications. You can adjust the email copy to be your voice and messaging. You now have the ability to add “GDPR” compliance to your summit here as well if you feel the need. (Only recommended if you are required, aka: Europe, Canada,etc)



  • Speaker Schedule

This is where you will  build your schedule and order your presentations by day/time etc. 



  • Tiers gives them access to what they purchased. (it holds the offers & bonuses). 

Usually the registration tier is a free one that allows the attendees to watch the summit for free.

Then you can create different tiers including different offers (There are typically 2 offers. One lower with just access to keep the presentation videos.

And a higher price that will also include a program or resource.


- Offers are what they are buying. This is where the price points are set 


- Bonuses are extras they get when they purchase the summit offers.


  • Sponsors

This is where you will add your sponsors and you can add a free gift for sponsors (lead magnet ) as well.



  • VSS2.0 Summit Builder: (Landing Page in VSS1.0)


This is where you will create your summit pages. You can select and customize a chosen theme to your requirements. We really recommend using our simplified themes. Just select one of the themes available and start creating your summit as quickly and easily as possible.



  • We have a brand new feature that we just released called the simplified sections inside the summit builder. With that functionality you can add a new section and edit them the way you want.



Each of these sections only require you to put in text. The software will automatically create the pages for you. 


  • You can also build a full Customized Summit Page using the Summit Page builder

Selecting one of our many templates available.


  • Summit Affiliate


Inside the Summit Affiliate Dashboard you can track, manage and reward your  summit speakers and affiliates. You can track their performances, links, clicks, sign ups, and sales.


  • Manage Team
  •  You can add any collaborators to each individual summit here by adding their name and email address. 


  • Attendees

Here you can import, export, or add individual attendees.

And you can add email reminders to be sent to them. 


  •  Integrations 

Our integrations including stripe, email CRMs, and affiliate connections are all located under this one section “Integrations”.   

  • You can connect your stripe, or your CRM to connect your lists to your summit.
  • You will select the exact “Lists” you want leads sent to at the “TIER” level under Offers/Tiers.

  • Overview

This is where you will be able to access your landing page & log in links for your summit.


You can see all the pages of your summit and the summit portal so you can see how your summit will look like for the attendees.

You can also set your summit to “TEST MODE” to go through and test out your summit offers without having to place any payment information. 

Once you are ready for your summit to be LIVE simply click the “Publish Summit” button.

You can always “UNPublish” it afterwards if you desire. 



This is also where you will find the Analytics 

So you can see how your summit is doing and all your summit numbers. 



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