02. Part 1- The difference between an All Access Pass/Main Offer, Order Bump, & Summit Upsells


Your main offer is the "biggest" or most valued iten you are selling inside that tier. It can be a course for ex and you can also include in that tier the all access pass which gives them life time access to the presentations. It can also include bonuses that increases the value of that offer. Additionally there are 2 other types of offers that can be sold and included on your tiers, an order bump and a summit upsell.

The order bump ( in the ex below is the speaker data base)  will be displayed as an additional item they can “add into their cart” to purchase when purchasing your summit offer. This should be a lower priced item.

This is a separate item, and needs to be created as a “product’/summit offer first.Then when you create your main offers you can add it and it will be displayed during the check out process.


The summit upsell is an additional item that is offered after the checkout process, so after they bought the tier they will be offered an upsell, and increase to that purchase. You will create the product just like the other ones inside the offers section and then inside the tiers you will include the main offer the bonuses and the upsell products.



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