Summit Affiliate Dashboard Screen Capture Tutorial

Who is eligible to access the Summit Affiliate Dashboard?

  • Any customer that is subscribed to either the Professional or Business Membership Level

How do you utilize the Summit Affiliate Dashboard?

  • Create a new summit (Note:  any new summits created prior to May 2, 2022, will not have the Summit Affiliate Dashboard capabilities currently, however, this feature will be released shortly)


  • Add a speaker:


  • Each speaker that you add will automatically be added as an affiliate:



Where do you access each affiliate's link?

  • In the affiliate dashboard (located on the left side navigation), select the + sign to the left of the affiliate's name:


  • This will gain you access into that affiliate's dashboard where you will see the "Referral Link" and can provide that to your speakers to promote your summit:



Where do you access that affiliate's dashboard to view sales, leads, traffic, commissions and clicks?

  • Once you select the + sign on the specific affiliate as seen above, you will see all information about that affiliate's leads and commissions:



How do you assign a commission percentage to your affiliate?

  • While in your affiliates dashboard, simply assign the percentage to each area of commissionable areas:



  • The default is set at 50% and will assign all offers whatever % is placed there.
  • A specific % can be assigned to specific offers by going into the “Specific Commission %” area.
  • Additionally you can assign a specific affiliate a set % by going into that affiliate and setting their % at that level.

***Please note: 

  • if you change the commission % on an affiliate it will change the % from that point forward.
  • All new sales will have the new/updated % commission calculation
  • All PREVIOUS sales will still remain with the original % that was assigned.


How do your affiliate's get paid?

  • As the summit host, you will pay out your affiliate commissions via the paypal email address that they provided to you (the software will NOT handle this, this is entirely the host's responsibility):



Can you delete a specific transaction from an affiliate's dashboard?

  • Yes, you can, however, please note the following:
    • When you delete an item from the “All Commissions” section it will completely REMOVE that transaction from the affiliate commissions.
    • This means it removes it from the affiliates dashboard and they will no longer be able to see or be credited for that commission. 
    • So it is VERY important that you do not delete the “transaction” unless you are completely certain you want this commission completely removed.

Where can you view an overview of all affiliates?

  • In the main dashboard:



Can an affiliate be removed?

  • Yes, simply disable the affiliate:



Can you apply a note to an affiliate?

  • Yes, to add a note, simply go to the affiliate, select the + sign to go into their dashboard, after the commission section, you will see note with an edit sign, add the note:



Can you apply notes to ALL affiliates at once?

  • Yes, to add a note to ALL summit affiliates at one time, simply select all then click on Actions -> Add note.





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