How do I assign a bonus to one of my Tiers?

To assign a bonus to one of the Summit Tiers, proceed as it follows:

1. Go to the Offers/ Tiers main menu.

2. Click "Bonuses" located at the middle section of the screen. There will be a menu that says "You can assign Bonuses to a Tier.", after this you'll find a hyperlink which will take you to the Tier Levels (If you go to Tier Levels if will also work)




Note you'll need to have some bonuses created first before assigning any to your Tiers.

3. Once your Bonuses have been created, go to Tier Levels.

4. Within each Tier you'll find a "View More" button, click on it and at the bottom right side, you'll find the bonuses to add them to your desired Tier.




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