04. Post Summit

Understanding the Ever-Summit & Just in time functions 



The ever summit feature  allows new attendees to access your summit as if it was running at that moment. Once they register for it,the software will continue to run the summit for that attendee in the normal day to day progression from that point forward. You pick the date you want it to start running again and from that point forward it will run for the duration of your summit ( either 2, 3 days etc) and then it will stop and continue to run again on the frequency you choose ( once a week or once a month etc).


The next feature is the just in time feature and it will run ongoing not in a set date and frequency like the ever summit feature, but anytime a new attendee gets to your landing page it’s like the summit will be about to start at the moment so they will be “just in time” to watch it.


Please note that both features are only for NEW attendees that have not registered to your summit when it was "live". The summit is only available once for each attendee then its over.

Now if you want it to be available forever for all attendees or for the attendees of a specific tier you need to update that tier level and mark the All Access & On Demand option.. On demand means they can watch whenever and how many times they want.


this is a post summit feature ,it should not be on when the summit is live so just leave this off until after your summit ends.Then you can turn it on. 






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