06.How to send out emails to access and log in from my own CRM


When anyone registers for your summit and it's a free Summit they're automatically going to be put into the registration tier because it's the free one. Ad they purchase the other tiers they will be automatically moved to the other tier and they will have access to the itens included on that tier.

Therefore the email communication for each tier is different  so in your email database the ones that already registered will be placed inside of your email CRM that you have integrated in the ingrations section (whether its mailchimp,kartra, etc)  to the list you have created for that tier so they won't receive any more emails saying to register because they already have done that, instead they should receive emails telling them to access the summit once the summit is live (send the summit url link) and to purcahse a higher tier for example (send sales page link). 

So when you create your tiers, make sure you set your email list to each tier you want your attendees to be added to.



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