02. How to add A Sponsor



To add a sponsor you will click on the add a sponsor button and fill out their information, add their website, logo,etc.  that is also where you're going to put your sponsor's lead magnet.This is any free gift or offer that the sponsor will be providing to your attendees in order to join their list.This will be displayed on the sponsor's information page.The sponsors can also give away a bonus for you to add into your tier and make it more valuable. 

The difference between a speaker or sponsor bonus & their gift/lead magnet is that the bonus will go under your tiers as an additional item to make that tier more attractive.It will not generate leads or anything to the speaker it is just like your own bonuses. In the other hand the free gift ( lead magnet)  will be placed under the sponsors logo/name in the sponsors area inside the resources area and it will be likely a link they have to sign up for to get the gift and the speaker will get their contact information ( that's why its called a lead magnet) it generate leads to the speaker's list.



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