Why should I use the attendee email reminders?

We recommend having this option toggled on if you want to ensure that your attendees show up for the Summit in a more professional way. This will allow you to have the system remind them via email based on the registration list you'll be getting. 

This is a great way to automate your Summit. To do this:

1. Go to the Attendees main menu at the left side.
2. Go to reminders and toggle the "Don't Remind" button.

Note: Make sure to edit the Email Templates to make a more personalised email. You always want your attendees to feel you're directly talking to them in every message.






These can be adjusted. Please be very careful when changing the pre-populated merger code. The software uses this to populate the information needed.


Note: You should still use your own email platform for summit communications with your attendees. This is an additional reminder/notification to be sent out and it's not meant to be used as a CRM tool or a communication platform.
There are Reminders, Invites & the Others category.
If you want to edit them, simply click in Edit and add any text you may want. Do not remove/delete the text in bold nor the details that start with a % and with it, as it uses commands to use the info in your Summit to personalise the emails in a smart way.

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